The Advantages of Mortise Lock

Mortise locks are commonly used on many households due to their durability, strength, and resistance from any forced intrusion into a house. Unlike conventional locks, this type of door lock is inserted or installed inside the door itself making it sturdy and more difficult for intruders to overrun or destroy. If you are looking for a dependable lock system, you will surely love the mortise lock especially after knowing its advantages which can be very beneficial for you and your house.

Like most door locks though, advantages and disadvantages are the common basis for the popularity and utilization of the device in various households. Knowing these information before settling on purchasing one will help you prevent any regret in the future. In addition, these will give you a hint on whether the locking instrument is good in keeping up its job up to your expectations. You can find below some of the advantages and benefits you can expect when using a mortise lock on your main doors.

  • Provides Extra Defense Against Intruders – as mentioned above, this type of door lock is quite difficult to open from the outside even when you are using force in the process. Unlike the conventional locks, this one does not easily bulge with pressure which is why it is among the top choice of many homeowners all around the world. In addition, it is also hard for a person to overrun the lock system using stuffs that are designed or used for opening doors from the outside.
  • Beautiful Design – aside from its function, you can also expect a more aesthetic appeal with this type of door lock. This is among the reasons why it is commonly used on old houses as it provides additional antique beauty to the place. Most people find it very pleasing to the eyes which provide visual appeal even to an ordinary house design. Although the installation process will take much of your time and demands effort in the process, your stress will always be relieved every time you see the charm of the door locks.
  • Dual Lock – this type of locking system allows you to lock the door from the outside in case you have children that you want to keep inside the house while you do some chores outside or run to the market for some stuffs. Make sure though that you do not stay long away from the house as people will be trapped inside and can’t go out in case of emergency.
  • Size Variations – this is one of the advantages that I like the most from a mortise lock as it has a variety of sizes that will surely cater your needs. This is very important as you would not want to have a door lock that does not properly fit on your door or has a size that is not appropriate to the door when installed. Get a good size for your door and make sure that it is not too small or too big to avoid problems when it comes to installation and function.