Learn to Take Care of Your Books

You love books. You are one of those who are so passionate about books – your love for reading is one reason for it – and so you collect and amass more of it as time goes by. In the beginning, you were simply enjoying every book that you read because you loved its content. But in time, you also began to love how books were presented, whether it was hardbound or paperback does not really matter to you.

There is something that you want to learn, though. You want to learn the proper way of caring for your books. Even though you have already built up a reasonably sizable collection, you still haven’t figured how to take care of it properly. There’s no doubt that you could use a few tips on how to take care of your beloved books.

Here are a few good tips:

Don’t Force the Opening

Always remember that you shouldn’t force a book to open. A new one (especially a hardcover one) should be handles very carefully when being opened. The book’s spine should be conditioned first, do this by standing the book on a hard surface and with its spine facing down. Allow the covers to fall down while the pages remain upright by holding on it. Release pages by batch, one side alternating with the other, with the pages pressed gently as each batch falls. This should be continued until the center of the book is reached.

The Right Way of Holding

You have to learn the right way to hold a book. Whether it is a new one or one has already been used plenty of times before, it has to be held properly. The right way to do it is by holding on to it backwards. If you are going to open it, then it has to be done from the side opposite the one where you are holding it. So if you are holding the book with your right hand, then the proper way to open it is by using your left hand.

Once you have opened the book, you have to do so gently. Care should be placed in opening each page of your book. You also need to take note of the angles at which you are opening it. Please make sure that when you are opening it, the angle at which you do so is not more than 100 degrees.

Book Storage

When it comes to storage, you have to store your books either in a flat or upright manner. Do not place it on its spine or on the side with the pages vertically. Also, your books shouldn’t be packed too tightly on the shelves where you’re placing them.

Book handling

Never handle your books if your hands are dirty. Not only should it be clean, it should also be as dry as possible. Your hands need to be free from dirt, oil, bits and pieces of food, and from your own perspiration as well. Handling it while your hands are dirty would only contribute to its ruin and you would rather have it around for much longer.