How To Survive And Pass In Medical School

So you have decided to become a doctor and heal people from their illness and disability. Getting into medical school is tough enough since most schools set a high standard for admission. Not to mention that its tuition fees are also expensive and if you do not avail of a financial assistance program, you will struggle with making ends meet with the school tuition and other matriculation fees.

Medical school is also a tough struggle of studying and passing your exams. You are required to read dozens of chapters in a book to cover a specific topic. Laboratory exams require quick comprehension because they entail your retention of memory when it comes to identifying cadavers and slides.

Healthy And Efficient Study Habits

You will not pass your subjects in medical school if you have not established an efficient study habit. Try to get into the habit of reading 3-4 hours a day, this gradually increases your comprehension and you can pick up the speed of reading when covering several topics.

Staying up all night to study all the topics will not work too. Cramming can only work for short topics but will never work for long exams. Study smart, try to dissect the topics depending on your level of comprehension and attention span. An average personís quality of attention only lasts 10 minutes so make sure you can incorporate short breaks when studying.

Be Congenial To Your Classmates And Schoolmates

Classmates can have other resources that be of great help when you try to study your subjects. Be congenial to all people regardless of their personality. This works wonders because you will have comrades to fight in your battle of conquering difficult exams.

Medical school will be fairly easier if you have someone to look out for you too. There are mentoring programs which require a professor to take a check on a studentís performance and can give them the proper feedback with constructive criticism.

Try to attend school events and create new friendships with the higher years. Introduce yourself and create an impact in medical school. There are some students from the higher years who can give you a heads up on the flow of how medical school is going to be.

Time Management

Medical school is not all about studying. It also requires you to be involved in extracurricular activities because this gives the professors the impression that you are dedicated in studying your course not just in an academic aspect.

Set a specific time to study but also leave some time to hang out with your classmates. If time management is hard to handle, consider buying yourself a planner. It helps you plot your schedules and makes you pressed for time to finish your task. There are some tablets which already have a planner application in it, you can make use of that and set various alarms for each task. This also helps discipline yourself especially you are tempted to slack off.