Getting into the College That You Want

Getting admitted into college is increasingly becoming cutthroat world. With the number of students applying for entrance into college increasing, the competition is getting tougher. If you are dreaming of going to college then you need to have a plan. Here are some tips that you can use in order to get into the college that you want:

Start Early

You have to show that you are really focused on getting the best education possible. That means you cannot take things easy when you are in high school. You have to show that you are focused from start to finish. You have to make the most out of your college years. This is especially true if you are planning on getting into a prestigious school that have a stricter set of requirements. The competition would really be fierce.

If you had a bad start in high school then think about making up for it by doubling upon crucial subjects during summer school. If you are able to turn things around for you, that could actually become a plus during your application.

Challenge Yourself

Grades are very important when you are trying to get into college but you should also consider factors that might affect your application. You should consider taking up more demanding classes as opposed to those ones that are considered to be easy by everyone. Getting high grades in classes that are considered demanding will have more weight than getting good marks from easy classes.

Staffers who are in charge of college admissions are now looking for the degree of challenges that were faced by students during high school. Results from studies also show that students who faced more challenges during high school did better in college.

Don’t Apply to Too Many Schools

Applying for admission to college is serious business. You have to put time and a great deal of effort to it. You have to make sure that you are making the best representation when you apply to a school. If you apply to a lot of schools, that would eat up a great deal of your time. Are you sure that you would be able to give your best to every application that you would be making?

On the other hand, it is also a mistake if you limit yourself to applying to just one school. Remember that the competition to get into college is quite fierce now and your chances of getting accepted are small if you apply to a top school. Find several schools that you are really interested in and focus on getting into those, but make sure that the quality of your application is not going to be affected.

Make Sure That You Have a Valid Explanation

Nobody’s perfect and you don’t have to be when you are applying for college. It is okay if you made some mistakes during your high school, but you have to be ready with some explanation as to why you made those mistakes. The people who are in charge of admissions in colleges are aware that teenagers are prone to errors and they would take that into consideration when reviewing applications. You can use the essay to explain any shortcomings that your application might have. Another opportunity to clarify things would be the interview.

Pick What You Will Join

There are those who would say that you should join as many organizations as you can while in high school and that would increase your chances of being accepted into college. That seems like a sound idea but in reality colleges are gearing towards students who are more of specialists. Try to pick the organizations that you are going to join and don’t just sign up for any organization that you come across.

Once you have signed up with a group try to become as active as you can be. Try to do something that’s unique with the group that you have joined and be identified for doing something that’s unique.

Take the SAT or ACT

Practice taking ACT or SAT. Make yourself familiar with the kind of questions asked for both tests. There are many related materials now that are available through the internet. Do not waste that opportunity on how you can improve your chances of getting into college. There are also books and materials that you can buy that you can use to study. Consider taking classes as well so you can get the highest score that you can.

It’s a good idea to take both tests. Most colleges will accept both so if you score higher on one then you can use that for your application.

Write an Awesome Essay

Your college essay will play a very big role in your college application. It would serve as your personal statement and would explain who you are and why it is that you want to get into college. Spend time on writing that college essay of yours. You don’t just write your essay in one sitting. Some recommend that you work on it for months as you try to edit it and make it better. Make sure that it is free from any grammatical and typographical errors.


Recommendations will play an important role in your college application. You have to ask teachers who know you well for letters of recommendation. People in charge of college admissions would look at these recommendations as an important part of your application. Don’t just ask for a letter and wait for them to hand it over to you. Work with them in crafting the letter. Some of your teachers might have forgotten some details about you so you have to update their memory.

Prepare for the Interview

Some colleges require an on-campus interview. If the school that you have chosen requires one then you have to be ready for it. Go through your essay and the information that you have about the college where you will be interviewed. You should demonstrate that you have a real interest about getting into that school. You have to dress formally for the occasion. It is always better to be overdressed for these occasions than the opposite.

Start Early

Looking for a college is not a fast process. You should minimize the stress that you would encounter by starting to look for a school once your junior year in high school has started. That should give you an adequate time to research all the possible schools that you can go to. Don’t just settle for the schools that are near your home or those that you are familiar with already. Seek all the possible schools for you. Even those that you think are beyond you. There might be ways that you can be accepted to those institutions.

Be organized when it comes to your application. You should have a folder for each college that you are interested in and you need to place the documents that are needed for each school.

Those are just some ideas on how you can get accepted into college. These steps will not guarantee your acceptance. Your level of commitment towards getting a higher education is what will ultimately decide whether you can reach your goals or not.