Garbage Reduction Starts at Home

One of the biggest problems that the modern world has to deal with is the proper handling of waste. As the world progresses, it is inevitable that more garbage is bound to be produced. This is proven by the fact that the more developed countries are also the ones that are producing the greatest amount of trash.

The world cannot go on in the same way when it comes to producing the same amount of garbage. We all have to pitch in to resolve this problem. To start garbage reduction in general, it would have to start at home. It is not enough that you follow the proper order when it comes to throwing your trash away. That still means it would have to go somewhere and in order to achieve waste reduction here are some tips that you should follow.

Bags When Shopping

In some countries, one of the major sources of garbage and pollution are the plastic bags used in stores for placing the things that are bought there. Plastic is a major cause of environmental problems. It is not biodegradable so when you throw it away it would have to go somewhere. It ends up as trash and then would have to take up space in the places where the garbage is to be dumped. You should ensure that you do not contribute to the problem by bringing your own shopping bag when you go shopping. Just imagine if everyone does that. The amount of garbage would be greatly reduced.

Don’t Buy Goods with Too Much Packaging

Another major source of garbage are the packaging used on certain goods and products. You should try to stay away from those goods. Buy only those that have minimal packaging. It will also cause less trouble for you, because you don’t have to figure out how you would to get rid of the packaging material.

Use Reusable and Recyclable When You Can

Whenever you have the choice, you should opt to use materials that are reusable and recyclable. When you are packing food for example, don’t use plastic bags and aluminium foils that would have to be thrown away after each use. You should use containers that you can wash and reuse.

Start Selling

Some people throw away things that can still be used by others. Don’t be like that. Just because you don’t want to use something does not mean that it’s totally useless. Others might still find some use for it. So before you throw away the things that you are no longer using, try having a yard sale first. You can make a little money on the side by doing that.


Use organic waste that you have as compost. Pieces of paper and leftover food are the best examples of organic wastes. You can use those for making compost, which in turn can be useful if you have a garden or even just a few plants in pots.

These are some of the things that you can do in order to reduce the amount of waste that you have at home.